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E00186 – Business Development Officer

Full-time Employment in Earleville, Maryland 21919



Position Overview:

Under the Supervision of the Regional BD Director the Internal Business Development Officer is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and developing relationships with current referents, patients, local government, and media in conjunction with the facility CEO, Marketing, and the Business Development team. This is an inside sales position. This individual will assist in all communication to referral sources. Referent collaboration leads to a longer length of stay amongst patients. Healthcare and EAP lead generation will also be an important responsibility in the role, engaging with patients and Staff to identify potential referent accounts. Additionally, the Internal Business Development officer is responsible for assisting the Clinical Team in Driving Patients into RCA’s Digital Health Continuum while also helping to identify Extended Care options for patients that may need additional services outside of the offered levels of care at RCA. Success In this role will lead to a greater number of in-patient and Digital health/OP Referrals into RCA.


Responsibilities by Priority Level

  1. Lead Generation– Position will Be responsible for over-seeing the generation of Lead data. Lists will be completed by polling patients for points of contact that may potentially lead to new referring accounts. Lead page to be completed in SF. Leads also to be contacted and dispersed to External BD team. All Consents will be obtained before any outreach is to be done.

Potential accounts are as follows.

  • Company EAP– identified by having patient investigate his benefits package while on site, EAP benefits will be listed.
  • Therapist – identify any past or present SUD or Mental health professional that can be outreached.
  • Legal support– Identify any probation officer, lawyer, drug court officials that currently play a role in your treatment process or have in the past. Coordinate and outreach said individuals.
  • Primary Care Doctors– identify patients PCP. Site any involvement they may have had in the treatment process past or present.
  • Companies– run salesforce reporting to identify companies with multiple employee admissions to RCA. Gain company HR info from Financial counselor. Outreach the HR department.


  1. Account management– Position is to facilitate all internal facility interactions with Referring accounts while coordinating with the BD team.
    • Upon an admission, employee is to identify all referent protocols and defer to EAP protocols for frequency of communication needed. Manage the increase in EAP admissions. E., admissions letters, progress reports, in-house drug screens, weekly UDS, update phone calls, and discharge letters also ensuring that short term disability and FMLA are completed within 72 hours of admission. Providing a red carpet, customer first service to ensure continual referrals from said market vertical.
    • Oversee the relationship between "Platinum accounts" ensure all updates are completed while prioritizing what aftercare accounts patients are referred to when not applicable for Digital health services.
  2. Digital Health/ Outpatient
    • Oversees the driving of patients to RCA’s Digital health/OP continuum while managing the ratios between patients referred to RCA digital Health/OP and current aftercare referral partners. All patients that are not attached to a current aftercare facility should continue treatment at RCA Digital Health. Reporting will be put in place to track data.
    • Responsible for creating leads for Digital health/Op services from the inpatient site. Allowing the BD team to access potential referral partners to Digital health/OP supporting the referrals already generated by the inpatient facility. See above for potential leads.
    • Collaborate with Digital Health/OP team to identify multiple points of contact in patient’s treatment plan. This is to identify potential accounts that can directly refer to Digital health services. see Lead generation above for potential leads.




Additional Responsibilities:

  • Data to be cross referenced with Salesforce to identify the yield in creating referring accounts to RCA inpatient and Digital health facilities.
  • Collaborate on BD, Marketing CEO calls to offer a report on patient admission trends. Allowing BD and Marketing to better home in on our patient’s entryways into treatment.
  • Owns and facilitates internal tours daily for potential referents, family members, patients, local politicians, payers, community members, and local businesses, selling them on the differentiators of RCA and benefits to sending patients to the facility.
  • Aide and achieve 85% occupancy at sites through sales and marketing tactics, interdepartmental interactions, and by working with senior leadership to prioritize Business development and referent account building.
  • Daily monitoring of approved outside provider list to ensure that CRM and BDO’s can identify new providers, add additional resources, and improve partner collaboration. With a focus on compiling PCP and Therapist resources
  • Responsible for making at least ten cold calls per day focusing on local businesses and Leads generated from patient interactions. Also collaborate with CEO, and Clinical Staff on potential external resources that site staff may have to add to BD lead generation.
  • Daily documentation on patient care through the Internal BDO to BDO Reporting Structure, Avatar, and Salesforce. Ensure all patient information and case comments are accurately added to salesforce
  • Referents will be notified of potential Against advice patients. IBDO will coordinate with the clinical team and work to leverage the referent relationship to keep patient engaged in treatment. In the case of patient elopement, the BDO and the referent must be notified. 7 days a week.
  • Ensure patient engagement in treatment and develop positive relationships with each one. Prioritizing those referred by platinum level referring accounts. Communicate with BDO’s with daily calls, emails, and text messages




The Internal Business development officer is an Interdepartmental bridge between the Regional Business Development, Operations, Nursing and Clinical teams to ensure all referents are provided with world class communication and updates on their patients, employees, and loved ones. The role is greatly important to maintaining the current referring relationships and will be paramount in building new relationships through Data mining with- in the facility. This will lead to an Overall greater number of admissions to our Inpatient facility and Digital health/Outpatinet. Leading to a greater number of patients being helped


Education and Experience:

  • High School Diploma required; Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Certification in Drug & Alcohol Treatment, preferred
  • Recovery Coaching Credentials, preferred
  • 2 years previous work experience in a Substance Abuse treatment facility preferred
  • Overall knowledge of Health Insurance Coverage is preferred
  • 2 years Customer service/ Sales experience
  • Salesforce experience, preferred
  • Avatar experience, preferred




Relationship Management: Engages customers interactively using technology, marketing, and customer services with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth.


Administrative Duties: Highly experienced in areas such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word. Strong organizational skill set required. Data entry and Data housing are key components in the role.


Impact and Influence: Person should be assertive in their position. Being able to operate interdepartmentally regardless of roadblocks or workflow issues.


Project Management: Coordinates the diverse components of the project by balancing scope, time, cost, and quality.


Communication: Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills. Coordinates with Treatment Team with all client engagement. Supports Case Management with all referent protocols.



Work Environment: May work in a variety of environments including professional offices, clinics, hospitals, or out-patient facilities. The estimated time requirements will split 4 ways between referent, patient, BDO, other department interactions.


Physical Demands: The employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; sit; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move objects up to 25 pounds.


Travel: Travel is primarily local during the business day, although some out-of-the-area and overnight travel may be an ask in certain situation.

Job Location: Recovery Centers of America at Earleville – 314 Grove Neck Road, Earleville, Maryland 21919